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    Hi all,

    I am wondering what the differences are between MSR and Bujinkan as well as negishi shuriken jutsu. I see that different shuriken are used in each of these. What else is different?

    Thank you,
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    Good morning Mark,

    That is a great question. My knowledge of the Bujinkan is quite humble, as I only run a study group (my main arts are several styles of karate). I know that Bujinkan Bo-shuriken are called Uchi-bari, very close to the type of shuriken used in Katori Shinto-ryû. The Negishi-ryu shuriken are different altogether, just google it and you'll get some pictures.

    There are many more differences around kamae (stance), shifting weight, hip rotation as well as arm and hand movement. But maybe some of the other MSR members who are also Bujinkan Shihan could answer your question in more detail?

    Chris de Feijter
    MSR Saskatchewan Keikokai
  3. Xavier

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    Origin (All are different), weapons used (different size, form, ...), kamaes, names and types of throwings, ... Just few I notice...
    Take care.
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  4. Dani Esteban -Kôryu-

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    Hi friends!
    Yes, there are many differences, as Chris and Xavier has well said.
    Bujinkan shurikenjutsu knowledge comes from different sources (ryu-ha), as almost all the ancient ryu-ha had some sort of shurikenjutsu work.
    Togakure ryu shurikenjutsu is very different from Kukishinden ryu shurikenjutsu, for instance.
    But nowadays, via Hatsumi Sôke, the fundamentals of the Bujinkan shurikenjutsu work must be found in using your taijutsu in combination with the throwing or the use of the shuriken in your hand (shoukenjutsu / kakushibuki jutsu).
    And the main basis for understanding it, is Sanshin no kata, as in BJK shurikenjutsu we have Chi, Sui, Ka, Fu, Ku no keiko, with the shuriken.
    Hope it helps!
    Gambatte and Shin-da!

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